September 2014

Logo Format: Vector Vs Raster (Bitmap)

Quick Facts about Vector Images

Vector Images are made up of individual objects composed of lines and shapes with different attributes such as color.
Resolution Independent – scaling images does not affect quality
Smaller file size
Not suitable for photo-realistic reproduction
Fonts are vector objects



Quick Facts about Raster ( Bitmap ) Images
Bitmap images are made up of colored dots (pixels) in a grid
Also known as raster images
Resolution dependent – resizing affects image quality
Scanned images and digital photos are bitmaps – Being Updated

We at Pixel Perfect Deign are in the process of redesigning our corporate web presence for -  Will be updating various sections and content, and we will notify you as they come online.


Call us or email us with any comments or questions.  We aim to have the website completed by end of October 2014.

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Pixel Perfect Design

Established in 1997 by Larry Beck, Pixel Perfect Design is an innovative graphic design studio that will captivate the attention of your customers. Since before most people understood what a pixel was, Pixel Perfect Design has been creatively developing custom graphics that are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd.

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